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by Gret B.

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update on life

sorry I havent been very active lately but I have been EXTREMELY busy.

Moved into a house with my boyfriend and two roommates (who suck) and have been frantically trying to save for my trip to Japan this summer which is now OFFICIALLY happening. The program and tickets are all paid off so now all I have to do is prepare <3
After Japan I am going to stay at my place in Michigan until our lease is up, then Im off to start another adventure with a good friend of mine on a cross country road trip to Oregon!!!!
All my dreams are coming true and its amazing :,) <3

Im really going to miss my amazing boyfriend though, as he likes it here (who the fuck knows why) and Im not sure if Im coming back anytime soon. If at all.

Oh well, this is my destiny. I need to see the world.

Love you all, Ill try to be more active but, Im about to get a second job (third if you count my performance gigs that come every once in a while)


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